21 March 2018

Progress in the studio

A worktop is ready for Wednesday's task - woodblock printing, carrying on from the class, which has finished for the term. 
Not perfect, but there's enough space to spread out a bit. And woodblock printing is meant to be a "compact" sort of production. 

Hidden in the far distance is a radio - it will be a morning of listening to whatever's on Radio4. When I was still working in the day job, it was my dream to spend the days in the studio with the radio on in the background. Now, I'd just as soon have silence ... though of course there's the temptation of podcasts ... which did not exist in the days of the day job.

I keep finding items that need to be documented before being passed on -
A collection of broken car mirrors, found in the street

From a Tate carrier bag - what a good idea to have ART, rather
than logos, on (paper) carrier bags

Menu from a Paris restaurant - 1994 - prices in francs

Can you believe it, a collection of Russian toilet paper -
from the plane and various hotels and bars, 1995
(these had been rediscovered in an earlier studio reorganisation)

An idea - unsuccessful - for the "Underfoot at the V&A" project

Years ago, the London region of the Quilters Guild had an annual
celebrity lecture - this may have been the last; I was involved in
the regional newsletter and flier production at that point

1999 - I was part of Fibre Art London, exhibiting at Leighton House,
London and also in Broadstairs, Kent

The Loomus cartoons in the Guardian are sadly missed

Creative memories from the early 2000s -
pergola at West Dean, on my first visit there;
felt stitched with a poem (Mornings Like This);
indigo dyeing from City Lit;
a fling with clothing as a subject;
 and the quilt that nearly cost me my relationship

"The view from my chair", June 1992, on an A5 envelope

4x6 cards from a larger series, each a textile collage made quickly before
going to work; they were how I kept the creative momentum going during
a time when life seemed to be just work and sleep, work and sleep

Sunsets, much the same round the world
Petworth, Chillon, London, Vancouver

20 March 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Southwark Cathedral

I started by having a coffee in the cathedral cafe and drew what was to hand - then later as people appeared drew what could be seen -
Rather a lot of coats on chairs - and two people missing from the scene
Never did get into the cathedral itself. Some days are like that.

 The others were busy, though. Janet B came upon the cathedral cat, Doorkins -
Judith had been happily sitting outside, but was told she was within a construction zone and had to move on; she managed to draw a lot, though -
 Carol found "heads" everywhere -
Sue found dazzle patterns had been painted on HMS Belfast, which is moored nearby -
 Jo was intrigued by the statue of the Roman hunter god -
 Joyce used shades of grey for the cityscape -
... and found, among the roof bosses, a green man swallowing Judas Iscariot -
 Coincidence - "quite a strange statue" by Janet B -
 ... and by Jo -
It's a modern statue (1989) by (prolific) sculptor Peter E Ball.

Several people had done the "homework" - to draw a creature.

Carol wondered if using plastic models was cheating - no, not at all; depicting animals has two components, the furry or hairy (or scaly) texture, and the disposition of bones and muscles - tackling one at a time is fine! -
 Sue tackled some gulls and found they were always moving -
I worked from 2D representations and was surprised to see that my drawings were much the same size as the originals - must try different sizes -
Extra-curricular activities -
Janet B had been drawing tigers' skulls at the Royal Veterinary College -
 The two skulls - and a "real" tiger -

Joyce had been out with Urban Sketchers in Leadenhall Market -

Sue took some photographs of chairs, in strange lighting conditions; she first represented the entire photo ...
 ... then found areas with interesting shapes ...
 ... and finally, abstracted them even further ...

18 March 2018

Mark making (long gone)

Some close-ups of "old work" found recently. Mostly charcoal ... what fun it is to use charcoal ...

These had been stored, protected by tissue, for at least 12 years; hence, a certain amount of blur...


Tiny marks on blotting paper, perhaps seeped through from a top layer -

 From a large pastel abstract -

What pleasure it was to spend a couple of hours on filling an A1 sheet of cartridge paper with colour!